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Hinterland excursions

Only a few kilometers and you are in the heart of Romagna.
An amazing hinterland, rich of history, tradition and unspoiled landscapes

Famous for its history, the Byzantine mosaics more 'world-famous monuments and eight UNESCO World Heritage Site', Ravenna gives a fascinating and unforgettable charm.
Located in a beautiful position among the hills of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Preappennino and the Po Valley, may be included in its own right between the capital cities of culture, thanks to the Malatesta Library, the only monastic renaissance library that it arrived intact until today.
The medieval town is all narrow around its beautiful fortress, which is reached by climbing lanes are opened up wide viewpoints overlooking the Riviera. 

  Repubblica di San Marino
The famous old republic with its historical, architectural and natural heritage of inestimable value. Nine castles in the territory of San Marino, which brings curiosity and ancient ruins to visit.  
A vibrant and vital town, that was able to enhance the gifts that made history, in the years to become a landmark in the cultural landscape, preserving peace and tranquility within the double walls.